Wyrd Sisters November 2010

Performed in November 2010 at Welton, Washingborough & Metheringham Village Halls.

Terry Pratchett’s© Discworld® take on The Tragedy of Macbeth.

Written by: Terry Pratchet & adapted by Stephen Briggs
Directed by: Gail Dennis

The Cast:
Magrat Garlick – Alex Thornton
Nammy Ogg – Chrissie Huges
Granny Weatherwax – Ruth Andrews
Duke Felmet – Paul Martin
Duchess Felmet – Becky Fawcett
The Fool/Crossbowman – Robert Dennis
The late King Verence/Guard/Mr Vitoller/1st Soldier – David Lintin
Mrs Vitoller/Robber/Fake Witch – Gail Dennis
Tomjon/Demon/2nd Soldier – David Asher
Chamberlain/Hwel – Martin Noble
Sergeant/Wimsloe/Robber/Peasant/Bedlin – Chris Matthews
Robber/ Fake Witch – Sarah Mason
Robber/ Fake Witch – Vanda Cutler
Gumridge/Guard/Actor/Robber – Maurice Raphael
Actor/Guard/Fake Guard – Peter Street[nggallery id=2]