Three Short Plays April 2012

Performed at Scamblesby Village Hall, Walesby Village Hall and Dunston Village Hall


Don’t Mention the Dream by Damien Tresler

It’s the annual meeting of the Drama Society, but they are a bit thin on the ground.  Russell wants to produce ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream” but Lucy has other ideas!


Russell – David Asher
Claire – Gail Dennis
Lucy – Helen Fleshbourne
Theresa – Becky Fawcett


A Nice Cup of Tea by Jos Briggs

Harold has just become Health and Safety Officer for his firm and he is desperate to prevent his poor wife Marian from exposing herself to unnecessary risks while making a cuppa!


Harold – Chris Matthews
Marian – Jayne Wiltowski


Last Respects by Colin Calvert

Henry Throgmorton (deceased) has decreed that a wake should be held in his honour at the funeral parlour.  The guests, previously unknown to each other, are his wife and his two mistresses.


Reginald Deadlock – David Hewitt
Henry Throgmorton – Paul Martin
Ethal Throgmorton – Lisa Hewitt-Smith
Valarie Pym – Sarah Mason
Brenda Thompson – Jayne Wiltowski