Comic Potentia

Have you ever wondered what our popular soap operas might look like many years from now?

With more than 80 plays to his name, Alan Ayckbourn is one of our most prolific, and loved playwrights.  Amici Touring Theatre have chosen a rare foray by Ayckbourn into science fiction, with elements of comic farce, satire and the most unlikely of romances.

This is the near future, where actors are androids, mixing spontaneous, nostalgic dialogue, with moments of pure originality.
Custard pies, mixed with great dialogue and a sideways swipe at the television industry prove irresistible in this hilarious and heart breaking play.

Please note this play includes some violence and strong language, which may be inappropriate for younger children

Comic Potential can be seen at:

The Broadbent Theatre
Thursday 20th. Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October At 7.30pm
Box Office: 0300 400 0101 Tickets £9.00 (£8.00)