About Us

Amici ”grew from the idea of performing plays in Village Hall venues in the Lincoln area.  A group of a dozen or so people comprising established players in local Amateur Dramatic circles & friends were having lunch when the idea was floated to do “something different”.

Thus Amici Touring Theatre came into being.  We decided that our aim should be to take our productions to our audiences.

Amici has been in existence for nearly ten years now. We have performed in a variety of village halls, church halls, theatres and outdoors at two pubs as well as in the audio visual theatre at The Collection.

We rehearse in two pubs in different locations because our members come from a wide area and one week we are therefore nearer our home. Over the years we have welcomed several new acting members and as some have moved away we have welcomed others.

We have performed plays ranging from Shakespeare to the modern day. We have tended to choose more comedic plays since these appeal to our audiences and stretch our actors and make rehearsals fun.