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Titfield Thunderbolt – Performed Oct/Nov 2012

Titfield Thunderbolt – Performed Oct/Nov 2012

The local branch line is losing money and British Rail is intent on closing it down. In desperation the villagers exploit the Transport Act and decide run it themselves – with a train resurrected from a local museum! As well as proving their competency to work the line, they have to face problems from another villager who is set on providing a competitive bus service. All aboard for a an evening of hilarious nostalgia!

Based on the original Ealing Comedy Screenplay by T. E.B.Clarke.

Titfield Thunderbolt Poster
Titfield Thunderbolt Poster


Tues 30 Oct 12 at Wragby Town Hall

Fri 2 Nov 12 at Osgodby Village Hall

Sat 3 Nov 12 at Caistor Town Hall

Lady Edna Chesterford – Jayne Wiltowski
Joan Weech & Clifton – Di Woods
Rev Sam Weech & Mr Blakeworth – Chris Matthews
Mr Valentine & Mr Clegg – Maurice Raphael
Dan Taylor & Mr Ruddock – Martin Noble
Vernon Crump – Dave Hewitt
Harry Crump & Sergeant Wilson – Andrew Cox
Miss Coggett – Sarah Mason
Mrs Bottomley – Gail Dennis


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